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Zippo’s Circus 2017 Presents ‘Jigit’

Zippos Circus is back on Blackheath from 5th to 18th April for Easter with a brand-new show for 2017 - and we have Family Tickets (each for 2 adults and 2 children) to give away to two lucky readers!

Zippos 2017 features lovable performing dogs and thrilling Cossack 'Jigit' riders. Human skills include jazzy juggling; nail-biting knife throwing; Argentinian bolas dancers; solo trapeze; and the terrifying motorcycle 'Globe of Death' with four riders speeding at 60mph inside a steel lattice ball - and then it splits open!

Younger visitors enjoy laugh-out-loud comedy from Emilion and Alex the Fireman, tumbling from Kenya, an amazing African contortionist, foot juggling, and of course Norman Barrett MBE – Ringmaster extraordinaire with his cheeky performing budgerigars.

Classic family entertainment! For times and tickets, go to