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The Revolution In Kids Gifts

Is your child's birthday coming up? Baby shower, Christening, not to mention we're half way through the year so Christmas is coming up!!!

Well, all of those times means the majority of children are inundated with presents. As generous as that is from other children (or their parents), friends and family – do they really need that many toys? Do you have space for that many toys? And will they keep them entertained for hours on end? My research of local parents found that the answer to most of those questions is NO.

So, it's time for a change. Gift Time For Kids is launching a website in August in which parents can create a wishlist of activities for their Children. Activities like tennis, swimming, music lessons, Rugby, football, drama, dance and lots more. You set the target amount of money you would like to raise, then simply share the wishlists with friends and family asking them to contribute toward this rather than getting the traditional toys. They can donate any amount, starting as low as £5.

The website will enable you to upload a picture of your child, showing the activities they would like to do. Those who would like to contribute can then see exactly where their money is going and send the birthday boy or girl a personal message. We can also send free wishlist cards by post which means you can easily share your wishlist in invitations or greetings cards.

All wishlist are password protected to ensure the safety of your children.

Once you have reached your goal amount or maybe even exceeded it, you can then pay your chosen suppliers using that money. There is also the ability to send any excess to your child's saving account or your bank to put toward more activities that they will love. Parents are charged a small 5% fee which is deducted from their total amount collected.

We welcome all parents to give this a try when we launch in August. We offer a revolutionary way to helping parents with the financial burden of keeping children stimulated, entertained and developing their confidence by trying new sports and pursuits. You never know, they could be the Olympic Gold Medalist, Wimbledon Champion or Oscar winning actor.

If you are a supplier of Children's activity then please get in touch, we would love to have you listed on the website. We support small local businesses and franchises in order to increase uptake of the amazing activities you have on offer throughout the year.

Ways to get in touch



Twitter: @gifttimeforkids (Launching in August – follow us on Facebook and twitter to find out more)